The Creation of a 1968 Student Museum Exhibit

In 2012, Professors Arlene Marcus and Carrie Steenburgh, with the help of a Title V grant, created an ESL course at Union County College that focused on the events of 1968. During the final academic year of the grant, 2016-2017, they began planning museum exhibits from the work of former and current students. Their goal has been to use the knowledge their students have gained to educate other students about the important historical events of that critical year of the twentieth century.

1968 was a year of tumult, strife and crisis in the United States and around the world. The country was bitterly divided by issues of inequality and violence. The nation was convulsed by racial, gender and economic divisions, and by war, police brutality and assassinations. Unfortunately, fifty years later in 2018, we are still grappling with some of those issues.

Union County College students have played an integral role in this first 1968 Museum Exhibition. Kean University and Union County College students visiting the gallery will be able to complete pre- and post- activities and assignment as well as interact with the exhibition. As you look at these exhibits, we hope you learn, reflect and start to think how you will shape your future.